Step-by-step guide
to create a Fashion editorial
6 step course on how to take a photo shoot with a projector and publish it in a magazine
Author's course by Jeanne D'art
The course is divided into six stages, each of which shares all the secrets and ideas that will help you succeed in the creative business.

6 modules
The cost of the full course with materials. It is possible to pay in installments.

You will receive a list of over 140 publishing magazines with their email addresses for contact. As well as all the information you need to work with gloss.

You can study online, at any time convenient for you, and all materials will remain with you forever. Watch on your phone, tablet or laptop.

Who is this course for?
  • You are a photographer

    no matter what genre and no matter what experience you have, you are a beginner or you have been shooting for so long that you don’t know what else to shoot, it's interesting to refresh your portfolio and hone your skills;

  • You are an art director
    you probably already have a bunch of ideas in your head, but one more never hurts, and you also need a clear action plan for organizing the shooting and solving all possible problems;

  • You are a content manager
    every day you have to come up with something new and interesting to promote your account, blog, etc;

  • You are a retoucher
    you have already learned how to use Camera Raw, Lightroom and Photoshop and you are interested in learning how to process photos for publication in magazines and find out their names in order to send your work there and see the work of other retouchers and understand what is relevant and what is not;

  • You are a director or producer
    or you just dream of becoming one and you need to have an idea of ​​how professional filming takes place in general and what issues you will have to solve;
  • You are a set designer, stylist, make-up artist, model
    or just someone who wants to work in the fashion industry and you need all the information on how to get into the world of fashion photography.

You will know
  • Where to get an idea?

  • How to create a mood board?

  • What is a magazine pull letter?

  • How to choose a location?

  • Where to find the model?

  • Where can I find a makeup artist and stylist?

  • How to prepare for shooting?

  • How to set up the camera?

  • What lenses to use?

  • Which projector to choose?

  • How to build light?

  • How to work with a model?

  • How to organize the workflow of a shooting team?

  • How to retouch photos?

  • How to create a presentation to submit to a magazine?

  • Where to send an editorial for publication?

Why would you like this course?
you can study it at any time;

you will learn the real story behind the creation of one fashion publication;

you will get to know all the participants of this publication;

you will find out what are the current trends in fashion photography;

you can find many like-minded people in your city and create your own team;

you will learn the technical characteristics of the tools for creating this publication;

you will receive samples of documents that are needed to create an editorial;

you will get the addresses of the magazines that accept the editorial;

after completing the course, you will be able to organize and make any shooting like a real professional;

you will diversify your portfolio and attract new clients;

after publishing in magazines you will increase your self-esteem and of course the value of your work;

access to the materials will be available forever.

Course program
The program is designed for self-study at any convenient time for you.
A link with access to the course is automatically sent to your email after payment.
What does this course look like?
This is not only the history of the creation of the editorial, here is a detailed instruction with a large number of active links to sites that will be very useful to look at, examples of documents, lighting schemes, retouching videos and more than 140 addresses of publishing magazines.
The author of the course
Jeanne D´art
Jeanne D´art is an European photographer and producer, shooting commercial, portrait and fashion. Her work is constantly published in various American and European fashion publications, such as VOGUE, HARPER'S BAZAAR, ELLE, L’OFFICIEL, COSMOPOLITAN, GLAMOUR, GRAZIA, Kaltblut, HUF, Flanelle, MMScene, etc.
Jeanne collaborates with European modeling and advertising agencies, designers, stylists and make-up artists.


In this course, Jeanne shares her 15 years of experience as one of the fashion photographers in Europe. This is an educational and inspiring course designed to inspire and educate photographers, art lovers and creatives of all levels.


Payment can be made in installments or in full.
Part 1
module 1,2,3
Creation of a team
Shooting preparation
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Part 2
module 4,5,6
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  • Mariona 
    42 years
    I have been interested in the art of photography since high school. I took boring books in the library, where everything is written in an intricate way and everything is incomprehensible. I was terribly glad when I found this course! Finally, I approached my outlet, where I can get the joy and pleasure of learning! I learned so many new and interesting things during this time. Now I know in which direction I should go, develop.
  • Ivan
    26 years
    I have been photographing for more than 5 years and probably every girl in my city has already got into my lens) I accidentally found this course and realized that this is something new for me, and I always dreamed of seeing my photos in gloss) Thank you for painting all the details in such detail work on creating an editorial .. before, I didn’t even imagine that there are so many things you need to know in order to take pictures for gloss).
  • Elizabet 
    38 years
    I always wanted to be a producer, but I could not find detailed information on working with gloss, on this course I received not only inspiration but also precise instructions with all the documents and addresses !! This is just a godsend, I would not have compiled such a base in a year, thank you very much!
  • Judith 
    26 years

    I learned about the courses from the Internet. A lot of information, a lot of new names... In the process of learning, everything is sorted out and it becomes clear what the world of gloss is.. The easiest thing was to understand how everything works, the most difficult thing was to put it all into practice) But, it seems to me, I did it. To anyone who has doubts, I definitely recommend it. You will learn sooooo many nuances and get a chance to be published and this is exactly what every photographer dreams of!

  • Scott 
    28 years
    At first I doubted whether I, a portrait photographer, need to know anything else, since I have already taken many courses in photography, but this is something new, this is not about composition and typical camera setup .. here about a completely new genre for me: fashion) ) this is also a portrait, but the one that will be published in VOGUE magazine and not the one that a friend will post on insta) And more features of working with a projector, also interesting! Highly recommend! I did not even know that there are so many publishing magazines)) now I will send my photos to the gloss!
  • Carolina 
    39 years
    I have been looking at Jeanne's photographs on the Internet for a long time. It was a great stroke of luck that she released this course. I think I am not exaggerating too much if I say that this course is the most interesting thing that has happened to me in the last few years! I am new to photography and I am 39 years old. This course opened wide the door to a new dimension and gave a huge impetus to personal growth.
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